customized courses to make LEARNING EASY.

Our Courses are flexible to suit your individual needs. 


One of the most powerful instruments in the world capable of expressing any kind of emotion. Playing on an acoustic piano gives you the complete feel of the instrument. If the budget is an issue, you can go for the economical Digital Pianos.


Electronic Keyboards or Synthesizers are the most used instruments these days. They are portable and have unlimited scope for integrating with technology and most convenient for making Music and Performing Live.


Guitars are among the most famous instruments in the world. It's easy to carry and is the perfect companion for Singers. We teach Acoustic, Classical, Bass and Electric Guitar.


A good musician is judged not just by his ability to play an instrument well, but also by knowing the theory behind the music. Without understanding the concepts of Music maybe you can become a good musician, but being the best? We make sure we provide you with the necessary theoretical knowledge you will need to know in order to become a great artist.


Being the smallest and highest-pitched instrument of the String Family, Violin is one of the most prominent instruments used in Western Classical Music from ensembles to solos, including genres such as Folk, Jazz, Rock & Country.

DRUMS, Darbuka & Cajon

Rhythm is an extremely important part of Music, which binds all the instruments together. If you think you have a good sense of rhythm, you should definitely try your hand at the Drums. We also teach Darbuka and Cajon, which are important members of the Percussion family and are much more portable to carry around.

Hindustani vocals

The Shastriya Sangeet is the Classical music of North India. While Carnatic music is more of composition based, Hindustani music is primarily based on improvisation and exploration of all aspects of a Raag. We offer Hindustani Vocal classes for kids under 13 years of age and girls over 14 years and above.

Other Courses Coming Soon!



Arguably one of the most preferred Certification programs, Trinity College London offers a structured way of learning Music Theory to support the learning of your instrument. ABRSM also provides a structured framework from a beginner to advanced level but its standards are higher. For serious musicians who want to make a career in Music or want to pursue higher studies abroad, learning ABRSM will give you a competitive edge in all aspects.



Learning with people of a similar mindset makes the learning process more fun. Learning something new will always lead you to a point where you begin to doubt your abilities. Having friends on the same path as yourself motivates you to give that extra push which helps in faster learning and faster progress. 



We being in tune with Music helps increase productivity in our work. We offer this package to people who are not looking for any certifications or formal training but want to learn Music as a hobby to play their favorite tunes or just as a stress buster.