How well is your child aware of the Indian traditions and culture?

Do you want your little ones to keep in touch with their heritage, roots, traditions and culture? One of the most enriching ways to impart this knowledge to your kids is with shlokas. 

How about we take the reins and help you out?


When you enter a temple, have you ever wondered the order in which you need to visit and pray to the Gods?

This summer camp is designed to impart knowledge on specific shlokas for specific Gods and the right way to traverse around in a temple.

Kids Batch

3 to 17 years

Adult Batch

18 years & above

Batch Starts

19 July 2021 till end of August.
Each session is up to 45 minutes with a maximum of 5 students per batch.

For adults, we will also teach Ganesha Pancharatnam, Shiva Pachaksharam, Durga Aapadutaraksham, and Mahalakshmi Stotram. If you have any special requests we are happy to consider it.

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