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Founded by
Prashanth Ramesh in 2018

👉🏼 a self-taught, full-time musician

👉🏼 10+ years experience as a music tutor

👉🏼 a mechanical engineer by qualification, he rejected the corporate world straight out of college to pursue music

👉🏼 currently a partner at ID Music School, Chennai

👉🏼 the first instrument he learned was Keyboard

👉🏼 he also plays the Guitar, Violin, Tabla, and Digeridoo

👉🏼 when he’s not teaching, he’s at the studio working on the next big thing in the film and music industry

Co-run by
Akshaya Ramesh

👉🏼 CEO of Caprice Music Academy, leading marketing, business development, sales, partnerships, and collaborations

👉🏼 7 years professional experience building and growing companies in the travel, food, and marketing space

👉🏼 currently running Quill It, a conversion copywriting agency

👉🏼 learning Keyboard from Prashanth

👉🏼 passionate about food, travel, and stories

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Sai Kiran

Ajay Prashanth








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